Captain James F. Crockett

Distinguished Service Award

The Captain James F. Crockett Distinguished Service Award is presented to those individuals who embody the ideals of founding member James F. Crockett. These individuals set the standard that all Auxiliary Deputies strive to be. The previous honored recipients are individuals whose contributions went above and beyond over long periods of time, and are regarded as leaders amongst members of the Auxiliary Deputy Unit. In addition to being regarded as forward-thinking professionals, they consistently demonstrated the highest levels of ethics, comradery, and motivation. Their performance and efforts helped to improve the Unit and the community in which we serve.


Congratulations Sergeant Stan Taylor
on being awarded the 
2018 Captain James F. Crockett
Distinguished Service Award 

Previous Award Recipients:

2017 - Dave Tiffany

2016 - Bruce Zimmers

2014 - Jay Goldstein

Honorary Recipient - John Crilly

2013 - Steve Hoenig

2012 - Dennis Kehrer

2011 - Wally Grist

2010 - Lenard Williams

Honorary Recipient - Louise "Weezy" Bryner

2009 - Dennis Delia

2008 - Dave Wilson

2007 - Stephen Solner

2006 - Ken Williams

2003 - Ryan McCormack

2002 - Jeff Jacobs

2001 - Walter Wenzel

1999 - Francisco "Chico" Vazquez

1997 - Judy Crockett