Public Details

Auxiliary Deputies are called upon to assist the Lake County Sheriff's Department, Municipal Police Departments or agencies within the county for pre-planned events. These are generally short termed events such as a village's annual festivals, parades, etc.

Private Details

These assignments can be any day of the week and at all hours of the day and night.These are generally short termed situations either Natural events such as floods, tornadoes and other weather related disasters or Man-made incidents such as hazardous chemical spills.


AD's are called upon to assist private organizations, companies, or charitable organizations, for pre-planned events. These are generally short termed events such as a social event of a church or a corporate picnic.

 The unit provides traffic and crowd control, searches for missing persons, and participates in crime scene evidence searches. The unit also assists local municipal police departments and charitable organizations in Lake County. This enables full-time Sheriff Deputies and Police Officers to concentrate on patrolling and crime prevention while still providing a high level of law enforcement.

What we do

Some of the regularly scheduled events the Auxiliary Deputy Unit participates in include: The Lake County Fair, Vernon Hills Summer Celebration, Long Grove (Chocolate, Strawberry, and Apple) Festival, Libertyville Days, and other assorted festivals and holiday celebrations.  The unit is also instrumental in evidence searches on high profile criminal cases and has assisted in numerous searches for lost children and elderly individuals.