The Auxiliary Deputy Unit’s volunteers augment the Lake County Sheriff’s Office and assist Lake County’s local municipalities in times of emergencies and when additional manpower resources are required. The duties and responsibilities of the Auxiliary Deputies include directing traffic at accident scenes and other incidents, pedestrian and vehicle traffic control, as well as assisting in times of civil disorders, technological disasters, natural or man-made disasters as directed by the Sheriff. Auxiliary Deputies also assist in community activities including Child Identification/Fingerprinting, Shop-With-a-Sheriff and several other goodwill and public safety programs.

The Auxiliary Deputy Unit is comprised of men and women from all walks of life who greatly enhance the Lake County Sheriff’s Office’s ability to provide service to the public. The Unit began in the 1970’s as a neighborhood watch program, reporting suspicious activity and crimes in progress to the Sheriff's Office. A desire to become more involved led the members to form Mobile Eye One in 1978, a unit used for search and rescue missions as well as to assist other local municipalities with traffic control. Today, the Unit is authorized up to 50 Auxiliary Deputies, and the Unit’s responsibilities expanded over the years to accommodate a growing Lake County.

Who We Are

As the County population grows, and local law enforcement and Sheriff’s Office personnel face the challenge of additional manpower demands, requests for Auxiliary Deputies continue to rise.